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Posted by on Jun 23, 2014 | 0 comments

HaleAmanO – Headlines Reggae Bowl@BBLV

HaleAmanO has been hard at work this year traveling and playing gigs all over Las Vegas, California, Utah, Arizona, and come the end of summer, their tour through New Mexico and Texas gets underway.  These guys are some of the hardest working musicians around and they are certainly making this year something special.  In addition to playing a full calendar of shows, they’re working on songs for their new album.  There’s no date set for the release and they’re looking at adding some songs they write while on the road.  After several appearances at the all new Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, they returned yet again but this time to headline Reggae Bowl featuring Barry Black, Pu’Ukani,and the New Age Tribe.  As usual they put on a great show and below you can see their last song of the night.

Their dedication to music and their fans is endless and just this past weekend, their dedication was on full display.  The guys had some acoustic shows last week in Southern California so half of the band(Ryan Fleming, Israel Waahila, Burton Kelly) headed out to play them. While on their way back, their RV broke down in Barstow on Saturday afternoon.  With a weekend full of shows and a gig scheduled for 10:00pm Saturday night, they needed to get back.  At this point it was already 5:00pm and without hesitation, their lead guitarist, Justin Centeno, jumped into action(see Justin’s FB page for Search & Rescue videos).  Justin loaded whatever gear they needed for their 10:00pm gig and drove out to Barstow to pick the guys up.  In the meantime, frontman Ryan Fleming was making arrangements to get the RV towed all the way back to Vegas.  By 7:30pm, Justin had arrive in Barstow and picked up Ryan, Iz, and Burt and they headed back to Vegas.  While Justin headed out, Bassist Juan Lopez stayed behind and collected whatever extra gear was needed for the nights shows and he headed over to the venue to get set up.  In true HaleAmanO fashion they made their 10:00pm show and both the venue and the fans were ecstatic to be able to see another incredible HaleAmanO show!

HaleAmanO – Closing out Reggae Bowl @ Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas 06.22.14