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Artist Development


A big part of what we do is assisting people in assembling the basic building blocks necessary to get them started in the art and entertainment field.  Social Media is a must for any artist and content is a key element, so one of the first steps we take is to establish the right content to drive a social media campaign.  We are fortunate to have the services of Matt Wong and MPhotographyonline assisting us in getting our talent everything they need at an affordable price point.


Social Media

Consultation for Website Development, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and more

Music Video
Basic video shoot consisting of a single camera shot at one location

Music Video (Live Performance)

Live performance shoot will take place at an event we book for you. This is also a basic video shoot consisting of a single camera shot at one location

Photo Shoot

We provide you with a professional photo shoot consisting of 2-3 looks and 1-2 locations

Recording Session
We will provide a recording session either on location or in studio. The session includes the recording of 1 song with up to 4 band members

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