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Love On The Road

Love On The Road: Video


Country Music Artists Kalsey Kulyk (2017 CCMA Discovery Artist of the Year & 2020 CCMA Roots Album of the Year Nominee) and Eric Ethridge (2016 CCMA Discovery Artist of the Year) came to Nashville, the Music City, to pursue their dreams in country music.  They were married in 2019 and the newlyweds were both on exciting trajectories in the country music scene.  It all came to a halt as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and quickly spread throughout the world.  In a matter of a week, both Kalsey and Eric had lost all of their income and any potential to make an income, in the industry they love.  As of now, everything they know, all the plans they’ve had, and any income opportunities, have been decimated through the end of 2020 and potentially 2021.  Being foreign nationals, they were not eligible for any government relief and unable to pay their bills.  They were forced into making the difficult decision to leave their home in the Music city, and move back to their home country of Canada to re-group.  While driving across the country they came up with an idea.  Instead of waiting out the next 24 months in various basements of their friends and family members homes, they decided to turn the crisis into an opportunity.  They decided to take their lives on the road and immerse themselves into the fast growing culture of “Van Life” while writing songs about their experiences along the way.  As soon as they arrived in their native Canada, they started by selling their vehicles, personal belongings, and anything else they didn’t need.  They purchased a van and partnered with a van-customization company to create an efficient “off the grid” van complete with solar panels, kitchen, sleeping quarters, and a recording/production studio.  The conversion is underway and looking to be complete and ready for “Van Life” in the coming weeks.


In a time where the entire world is strongly encouraged (and in some cases forced by law) to stay at home and/or Social distance, newlyweds Kalsey and Eric have effectively lost their home.  The only way for them to truly “self-isolate” at home, is for them to find a new one.  As the rest of the world is starving for content and entertainment, they plan on bringing the world to everyone else.  Equipped with Kalsey’s brilliant song-writing ability, coupled with Eric’s knack for audio and video production, they plan to travel across North America, highlighting some of the most beautiful places and people that the continent has to offer while sharing the gift of music along the way.  They will be looking for stories that inspire the human spirit and utilize their gifts to translate them into song.  Not only will they be bringing live entertainment to the people across North America, they will be sharing stories, shooting music videos and shining a light on some of the most beautiful people and travel destinations along the way.  The newlyweds will write songs about their experiences on the road, the challenges they encounter in nature and their relationship, and record it all in a docuseries entitled “Love On The Road”.


  • Search for human interest stories of love and kindness and share them with the world through songs and videos, this will certainly be van life with a purpose.

  • Bring relief and a chance to escape for a moment by performing Socially Distanced Pop-Up shows in parking lots, residential areas, or any locations that offer the ability to provide social distancing.  This will include all first responders such as fire stations, police stations, EMT facilities, hospitals, and whoever else may need some musical inspiration.  Collaborations with sponsors will create an opportunity to distribute branded PPE and any other safety information.  In addition, sponsorships could help in bringing meals to some first responders or their families in need.

  • Find creative ways to make a living while on the road, celebrating as newlyweds, and utilizing Kalsey and Eric’s talent and gifts to bring life to as many people as we can.


  • Partner with Local Tourism Boards across the U.S. and Canada to promote various locations for locals and tourists alike

  • Create working relationships with various brands and sponsors to promote Brand Awareness and influence.  The opportunities are wide open and extend to all companies involved in but not limited to music, restaurants, outdoor life, clothing, lifestyle, eco-friendly, hygiene, automobile, R/V, and more.

  • Create a video piece and submission portal encouraging people to submit their stories of love and kindness.  Select stories will be put to song, recorded, and as travel permits, will be performed live for people out front of their homes.

  • Video documentation of every aspect of the journey which will include not only van life through the pandemic but life on the road as newlyweds and musicians trying to make a living in a van while traveling throughout North America.

  • Create “loveontheroad” social media handles for all major platforms to combine and direct followers to a central location to increase viewership and partnership exposure.

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Kalsey Kulyk

Instagram  33,300
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Twitter  1,229


Eric Ethridge

Instagram  36,600
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Love On The Road

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