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E 320 & First Friday Las Vegas September 2013

Our team is very fortunate to have the opportunity to support First Friday Las Vegas each and every month.  We are in our 24th month working together and it has been an amazing ride!  Our main objective is to program entertainment and to coordinate AV for the event.  We are able to work with a lot of generous people and businesses that are so giving of their time and resources every month.  As far as AV goes, we have companies that donate staging, lighting, sound, labor, and anything else they have access to.  We have seen this event grow from a few thousand to tens of thousands of people who wander the event regularly.  Every month you’ll find 20+ Bands, DJ’s, & Performers sharing their talent and voice along side the most unique Artists in the Las Vegas Art Community!  It’s such an honor to work with some incredible individuals who make a great team.  First Friday Las Vegas has provided many opportunities for our company and we are thankful to them and feel privileged to be a part of a group that supports our community and is bringing about the kind of change that we can all be proud of!  The music is always awesome, check out what’s hitting the stage this month –

Please join us each and every month to share in the Magic, the Music, the Art, and The Love that our Artist Community has to offer!

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