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E 320 & Spinster Records

There has been quite a buzz around the Bishop Arts District in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, and it’s not the kind of buzz you hear from a faulty sound system, it’s the buzz from everybody talking about a brand new business that’s about to open its doors.  After a great deal of dreaming, planning, and hard work, the time is now, the day is here, and the Grand Opening of Spinster Records is upon us!  Spinster Records is not just a record store, it’s a place that educates the modern day hipster in what the vinyl lifestyle is.  The brainchild behind this incredible concept is Oak Cliff native, David Grover.  Grover is a musician, DJ, and business executive for the new age and he certainly has a vision that will transcend the way we look and listen to music in an age so digitally dominated.  You won’t find any CD’s at Spinster but you will find rare and classic tracks on vinyl, high quality audio components, fashion forward apparel, and an education in music culture.  Just down the way, you’ll find the historic Kessler Theater which hosts some incredible talent on a regular basis so you’ll never know who you will find crate digging along side you.  In addition to some cool merchandise, this unique retail outlet has a performance stage, which is equipped with a full sound system and will feature top named DJ’s and musicians alike.

Our partnership with Spinster has provided us with a unique opportunity to be a part of this amazing project which allows us to expand our brand.  We provided and installed the audio system for the performance stage and it’s one of the best set-ups you’ll find in a space such as this.  One of the best things about our partnership is that the talent we work with now has a new home away from home.  We are looking forward to getting our artists on stage at Spinster as well as having our very first retail outlet outside of Vegas to promote our talent and launch our Aural Couture merchandise line that has been way overdue.

Spinster Records will celebrate their Grand Opening with two days of festivities this Friday(10/17) and Saturday(10/18) and will feature Moon Bather, Birds of Night, Exit 380, RTB2, Raul Campos, DJ Sober, Dustin Cavazos, and more!  It’s going to be an incredible opening and we look forward to seeing you all there!  Spinster Records is located at 829 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX. 75208.

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