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Jill & Julia Go to Nashville to Record!


After a lot of hard work and dedication, Jill & Julia have finished all of their material for their much anticipated EP release and now it’s time to get in the studio to bring these creations to life.  The girls are on the road to Nashville to meet up with their label, Lamon Records and together they’ll head over to Quad studios to take care of business.

Here’s a quote from Dave Moody, Award winning producer and President of Lamon Records – “Jill and Julia have a very unique and marketable sound. Their song writing is relevant and fresh, and their blend of all things Americana resonates with the listener… this sister duo has what it takes to be successful!”

These ladies are well on their way to pursuing their dreams in the music industry and all of us here at E 320 Entertainment Group are proud to be able to help out in any way we can!  Stay tuned for the “Radio Tour” happening February 1 thru February 28th!

Jill & Julia performing at First Friday Las Vegas

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