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Twenty 8 “Live” from the Double Down Saloon

You are all used to seeing Twenty 8 rocking out as a trio but as we embark on the new year, you’ll be seeing Tate McDonald and Chad Smith on stage performing a lot of their hits acoustically.  When they hit the stage as an acoustic duo, many of the songs take on a new life and it almost sounds as if you’re hearing the songs for the first time.  The vocals take on an entire new life accompanied by the sweet acoustic sounds the boys create.

This Friday night, Las Vegas radio waves are in for a treat and Twenty 8 will be performing a couple of gems on “Live” from the Double Down Saloon!  Get on-line and Tune-in to Double Down radio to hear Tate and Chad perform a couple songs and do an interview.  Also, don’t forget to hit the guys up on Facebook and Reverbnation!

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